How to stop the spread of deadly influenza in the Midwest

The U.S. is experiencing a spike in influenza-related deaths, and some states are struggling to contain it, according to new data.

Here are the 10 states with the most influenza-like deaths per 100,000 people.

(The data comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Influenza Trends Report.)1.

MississippiThe state has recorded the most deaths, with 12.6 per 100k people.

The Mississippi Department of Health said it has taken a more aggressive approach to the virus than other states.

The state is taking steps to educate residents, especially those who are at risk, about influenza and how to take the precautions they need to protect themselves.

It is also working to contain the spread by vaccinating those in the affected areas.

Mississippi has also issued an advisory for anyone who has recently traveled to the state.2.

TennesseeThe Tennessee Department of Public Health said that its statewide outbreak has now spread to more than 4,300 people.

At this time, the Tennessee Department is urging residents to stay home from work, school, church and day care.3.

IowaThe state is also dealing with a spike of deaths due to the flu.

Iowa State University Hospital and Community Health Center says that the state is seeing an increase in the number of flu-related hospitalizations, which is not uncommon during flu seasons.

Iowa has also had a spike on its health system, with about 5,600 infections, which are a bit higher than usual.

The spike has not affected the number at the state’s health department.4.

IllinoisThe Illini have recorded the highest death tolls in the country as well, with 11.5 per 100K people.

Illinois has been dealing with the flu in recent weeks and has been seeing an uptick in the amount of flu cases.

The Illini Health Department says that Illinois is also seeing more flu cases, with a higher number of hospitalizations and a spike at the Illini State Hospital in Chicago.5.

MissouriMissouri Gov.

Jay Nixon said that Missouri is seeing the most cases, including the worst-case scenario.

Missouri has a long history of flu outbreaks, and this is the first time the state has seen a pandemic in the state, according, The Associated Press.6.

New YorkThe state of New York has reported its highest number of influenza-associated deaths.

The New York City Health Department has reported the highest number in the nation for cases, which means more than 500,000 cases, according.

The city is also the only state to have recorded more than 1,000 deaths.7.

UtahThe state recorded the second-highest number of cases in the U.K., with 9.2 per 100 K people.

Utah is also having a major flu outbreak.

The Utah Department of State Health says that Utah has recorded more cases of the virus in recent days, and it has reported more than 5,000 infections.8.

North CarolinaThe state reported the second highest death rate among states.

North Carolinas Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has also been reporting the highest cases, in the last three weeks.9.

WisconsinThe state reports its highest death rates with 9 per 100 people, and Wisconsin’s Health Department is also reporting a spike.

Wisconsin has had an outbreak in the weeks following the flu season, with more than 6,000 flu cases in just the past three weeks, according in the AP.10.

South DakotaSouth Dakota has recorded its highest numbers of cases, and the state reports the highest rate of hospitalization in the region.

The South Dakota Department of Epidemiology has also reported a spike, with cases at a high of nearly 3,200.11.

Florida The state has also seen a spike with more cases and hospitalizations.

Florida has seen more than 10,000 hospitalizations in the past week alone.12.

CaliforniaThe state also has seen the highest numbers, with an average of 9.5 cases per 100 in the latest CDC data.

The latest CDC report says that Florida is experiencing an increase of cases and a surge in the spread.13.

WisconsinWisconsin’s health agency reports the state had an average number of 9 cases per person, which has been the highest for any state.

Wisconsin’s health division says that there has also also been an increase, with the state reporting a number of more than 2,600 hospitalizations during the flu pandemic.14.

MassachusettsThe state’s most recent flu case data, from the Boston University School of Public and Environmental Health, shows a spike from the previous month.

The highest number was 4,715 cases in March, and an average case count of 8,200 people.15.

CaliforniaThere is a large number of new cases reported in California, with 5,800 reported.

California has also recorded a spike during the pandemic, with nearly 1,200 new cases and more than 3,600 new hospitalizations reported.16.

MinnesotaMinnesota is also experiencing a pandememic, and has reported a sharp increase in cases. Minnesota

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