How to be a good corporate citizen in 2018

You know the drill: You sign a contract, you sign it up, and you keep your job.

You sign your contract to buy stuff, you keep buying stuff, and your boss never tells you what you need to do to be successful.

You’re supposed to be the best at everything you do, and this job is your badge of honor.

This is what corporate citizens do.

You’ve never been in a meeting where your boss said, “You’ve got to get your portfolio in order,” or “You can’t get your salesperson to write a check,” or even “You have to keep your stock in the stock market.”

You never have to ask a question, or think of a new idea, or ask for help from an outside authority.

You just do your job and let others take care of it for you.

You don’t even have to do anything you don’t want to do.

For instance, if you work in a cubicle or office, you probably don’t think of yourself as an independent thinker.

In reality, you’re a slave to the boss and his orders.

In your mind, you are an employee of the company.

But you’re not.

You are, by definition, an employee who must obey orders, and an employee with a mandate to do your bidding.

Corporate employees are supposed to obey orders.

But when the boss gives you a mandate, you must obey.

The boss doesn’t tell you what to do, he tells you when you’re supposed.

He’s a slave, and the company can’t work without it.

When your boss tells you to do something, you have to obey, because that’s the way it works.

In a workplace, you need someone who can see the forest for the trees.

If you’re an employee, you don’st get to be an independent mind, so you must be obedient.

You cannot be an autonomous mind.

You can only be obedient to the company’s requirements, the company demands.

You have to follow orders.

Your boss tells people what to say, what to wear, what they should eat.

You need to be able to look at all those things, and answer all those questions.

If someone tells you you’re doing a bad job, you may say, “Well, I’ll do better next time.”

That’s the job.

If they tell you you need more help, you’ll say, the boss is always in a hurry.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.

In the corporate world, you can be a slave or an independent person, depending on what the company wants.

But in reality, your job is to be obedient and to be in the right place at the right time.

When you’re working in a factory, or an office, or a retail store, you often work in one of two places.

The company has a very specific, rigid structure and rules, and most employees follow them.

The worker, however, doesn’t always have to abide by them.

He can, or can’t, disobey them.

For example, if he wants to make an appointment to buy something, the store manager will ask him questions like, “What time does your meeting start?” or “Do you want to go shopping with me today?”

The worker might be tempted to say he’s not in the mood, or to say that he can’t make the appointment.

But the boss isn’t giving him the authority to say what to buy, so he’s still obeying the store’s rules.

He has to obey them, and he has to do it now, before he makes the decision to make the purchase.

If the store makes the purchase, the worker doesn’t get to decide whether to do a bad thing.

He only has to get out of the way.

When the worker does the wrong thing, the owner can fire him.

The owner is the slave of the boss, and his boss will fire him for the wrong reason.

When a worker goes to the store to buy a box of cigarettes, the manager may fire him because he went too far in the wrong direction.

In fact, the supervisor can even fire the worker for not following the store rules.

If a worker takes a wrong turn and goes off on his own, he can be fired for violating the rules, even if he doesn’t have the authority.

The manager has to be aware of all the different situations, and all the possible punishments.

The best example of the corporate slave is a company employee who’s supposed and encouraged to work outside the office.

A corporate employee has no choice but to work in the office, and if he does he’s expected to obey the boss’s orders, because the boss has to give him the right orders.

And the boss doesn.

If he wants more money or a promotion, he has a choice: He can make a deal with the boss to make him work outside of the office for a certain number of hours a week, or he

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