What is the most common cybercrime?

The cybercrime industry is booming and there are more cyberattacks than ever before, according to a new report from security firm LmbI.

Lmbi has created the Cybercrime Industry Security Index, a ranking of cybercriminals, as well as their associated companies and organizations, based on the information they reveal to them.

According to Lmb I, cybercrimins have an estimated $US3.7 trillion worth of financial, physical and intellectual assets.

This includes money they can steal, stolen goods, stolen software, stolen data, and cyber-crime-related services.

“Cybercriminals have an amazing ability to adapt to changing threats, with a global scope, and a network of support,” said Lmb.

“They are increasingly adept at exploiting vulnerabilities, including those in the physical world.”

The index includes data about cybersecurity threats that affect the global economy, such as breaches of credit and financial institutions, cyber-attack attacks, cyberattacks against financial institutions and other businesses, and the spread of malware and ransomware.

LMB I compiled the data into a global database that shows the top 50 cybercrime organizations in terms of revenue, revenue per cybercrime offense, number of cybercrime offenses, and revenue from cybercrime operations.

According the Lmb Intelligence report, cybercrime has been the biggest driver of global economic growth since 2007.

Cybercrime accounted for almost one in four global economic output in 2015, and about one in five global GDP.

Cybercriminals are also increasingly sophisticated, with an estimated 200,000 cybercrime groups active worldwide, with the highest concentration in Russia, followed by China and India.

“In the coming years, cybersecurity will be a critical component of the global economic recovery,” said Tim Grewal, senior vice president at Lmb International.

“With such a global economy and a global threat landscape, the number of organizations and their employees engaged in cybercrime is growing every day.

It is imperative that governments and organizations take action to ensure cybercrime does not affect the resilience of their economies, societies and economies globally.”

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