BitPay announces $40m Series B funding for industrial forestry services industry

BitPay, the bitcoin payments processing company, has announced its latest round of funding of $40 million, bringing its total funding to more than $400 million.

BitPay’s latest round brings its total investments to more then $400m.

This funding comes as BitPay continues to expand its industrial forestry service offerings to more customers.

Bitpay has been working with some of the largest commercial forestry firms in the United States, such as Cargill and the North American Forest Products Association (NAFPPA).

BitPay also recently announced its $40 Million Series B round, bringing the company’s total funding commitments to over $400M.

BitPipeline, the largest industrial forestry and agroforestry company in the U.S., recently announced a $30 million Series B financing.

In the past year, BitPay has become a global leader in industrial forestry, having raised over $3 billion in total funding for the sector.

BitPower, the first major industrial blockchain startup, recently raised $20 million in seed funding.

The company is looking to expand their services across multiple industries, including power generation, energy storage, and industrial manufacturing.

BitWise, the leading industrial data and analytics provider, recently announced an additional $10 million round, adding to their $50 million Series A funding.

Bitwise is a global data and cloud computing provider with a focus on providing data to enterprises, researchers, and governments.

Bitwage, the world’s leading bitcoin payment processor, recently launched a new platform to allow businesses to send bitcoin payments and transact in fiat currency.

The platform offers merchants the ability to accept payments from customers with BitPay and other financial institutions.

BitShare, a blockchain company, recently released its first commercial product.

BitShares, an open-source decentralized asset class, allows investors to invest in blockchain-based assets.

BitPass, the company behind BitPassCoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows businesses to exchange bitcoin for other currencies, recently secured a $5 million Series C funding.

It has also recently launched the BitPass Cash token, a cryptocurrency that will enable businesses to accept Bitcoin payments.

BitStamp, the most popular bitcoin payment provider, has also been working on their own cryptocurrency, called BitStamps.

BitCoin, the global payment protocol, has recently launched their first crypto currency, BitCoin.

It is designed to be a decentralized, distributed, peer-to-peer currency.

This new currency, called XBitCoin, is designed for bitcoin payments, which is why the XBit coin will be launched in the coming months.

The XBitcoin is a cryptocurrency designed to replace XBit, the cryptocurrency created by BitPay.

XBit is a crypto currency designed to make payments in the cryptocurrency XBit.

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