How to find the best construction jobs in Melbourne

Posted March 09, 2019 08:59:59A new job market is emerging in Melbourne, with more construction jobs open in the state than ever before.

Key points:The construction industry has more than doubled in size since 2020As of March, there are more than 100,000 construction jobs available in VictoriaSource: ABC News’ Victoria Bureau of StatisticsJob seekers are more interested in getting into the industry, with many choosing to start on a lower salaryThe construction sector is booming in Victoria and there are currently more construction industry jobs available than ever, according to the Construction Industry Association of Victoria (CIAV).

In 2018-19, there were an estimated 28,000 jobs in the construction industry, which grew to more than 70,000 last year, according the CIAV.

The growth is driven by a significant increase in the number of construction companies and a number of new companies opening their doors, with the number up from 513 in 2019-20 to 854 last year.

The number of companies opening has also grown from 12 to 18, with a total of 664 construction firms operating across Victoria.

The CIAUV says the industry is growing in Victoria with construction jobs now available in the Greater Melbourne and the Central Coast.

But there is a catch, and that is the cost of living.

The Victorian government has set a limit of $20,000 for workers to live in the city, which has led to many people choosing to rent instead of work in the industry.

Many are looking to get into construction, with some choosing to stay in Melbourne or choose to take on jobs elsewhere in the country.

“The construction industries have really seen an increase in numbers, which is good for the economy.

We’re seeing a lot of new firms popping up in Victoria.

I think people are looking for jobs,” CIAVEV president Ian Scott said.”

They’re looking for a better lifestyle and they’re looking to make a difference in the community and have a say in what their community is doing.”

People are looking at these jobs and they have a choice of either staying in Melbourne and having to pay $20k for their rent, or staying in a different part of the country.

“Citizenship laws mean many workers are required to pay a tax to the State Government to get a work permit, but the CAAV says this is a burden on the community.”

Many people are opting to work overseas or take on a work visa, which means they’re paying tax and contributing to the local economy and it’s a detriment to the community,” Scott said.”

They’re also paying a very high tax, which can be prohibitive for some people.

“While some jobs are growing in popularity, others are struggling to keep up.”

In terms of the construction sector, the boom is in the manufacturing and the construction, which in the past has seen some companies close down,” CAAVEV executive director Alex Purdom said.”[But] we’re seeing the construction boom pick up again in the coming months and we expect that to continue.

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