How to make money in the Australian mining industry

The business of mining in Australia is booming.

A quarter of all Australian jobs depend on it, and the mining sector employs over one million people.

But there are a few big challenges for any new employer.


Workplace safety is a problem The number of deaths and serious injuries that occur in the mining industry has been increasing for some time, and in 2013 the Australian Mining Union reported that nearly 1,200 workers were injured.

The government is trying to fix the problem, and it’s making big changes.

The mining sector has been involved in major safety breaches for decades, but this is the first time a large mining company has been forced to go into the public sector and be held to account.

It’s not just the miners who are being held accountable.

The Australian Federal Police have been investigating mining companies and mining staff since 2014, and last year the Australian Government launched a review into workplace safety.

This is a major step in the right direction, but the review is currently only looking at one part of the industry, and there’s still a lot to do to get the industry right.


The regulatory environment is challenging Some of the most powerful mining companies in Australia are based in Queensland, so the federal government has some significant powers.

This includes the ability to issue regulations for mining operations.

But the mining companies themselves don’t really have a role in regulating mining operations, because they’re not regulated by the Commonwealth or state governments.

The federal government can’t control how the companies operate or what they mine, so they have to rely on the industry to protect them.

In the past, mining companies have lobbied hard to keep these regulatory regimes, but these are now largely on the backburner, with many of the big mining companies focusing on the domestic market and getting a leg up from competitors.

The result is that most Australian miners have to work in a highly regulated environment, which means they can’t do their jobs without being required to pay their workers minimum wage, or they can get away with wage theft and illegal practices like unpaid overtime.


Workers don’t know how to report workplace safety breaches The mining industry’s workforce has grown substantially over the past few decades, and many of them are the first people to ever get into the industry.

But many of these people are not aware that there’s a safety breach, or that they can report it.

If a safety issue goes undetected for too long, they may be put in danger.

For example, a recent safety breach at a mining site in New South Wales, and a recent incident at a remote mine in South Australia.

As soon as a safety incident occurs, a worker is called in, and if the safety breach goes undetectable, a person who witnessed it has to come forward.

The worker’s report should include their name, the date, and any details about the incident that can help to identify who was responsible for the safety issue.

But in some cases, people may not be able to report a safety problem until after they’ve already been in the industry for a few years.

For instance, in 2014, a man from South Australia who was employed at a mine in the Pilbara region was at work when a safety error occurred and his colleagues had to call for him.

His employer then made him leave without paying him.

In Queensland, some miners have even had to pay workers to report safety breaches.

In New South West, a mine worker in his 20s who reported a safety risk in a mine was suspended from his job.

Workers have also reported incidents to the Federal Government.

The Queensland Department of Labour and Employment has a dedicated safety hotline where they can speak to anyone who has reported a workplace safety incident, and they are working on ways to help make the industry safer.


There are no mandatory health and safety policies Some of these workers have reported safety breaches at the mine that caused them to miss work for a while, but they have not been paid for their time lost, or the damage to their health.

In some cases the companies that employed the workers are paying their workers extra, and some of these companies have been fined for breaching safety regulations.

The Federal Government is also considering new laws to help prevent worker safety breaches in the future.


The industry is still too small The number and complexity of regulations, the lack of clear standards, and workers being reluctant to report their workplace safety incidents have created a system in which the mining giant and the miner are both able to operate.

The bigger problem is that there are still many mining companies that are not regulated at all, which creates a situation where the industry is largely unregulated.

This has a major impact on workers, as they’re often unaware of their rights, and can face unfair dismissal.

There is a very clear risk of workplace safety and workplace health and welfare violations in the modern mining industry.

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