Why mining companies need to change their policies

Industrial service standards (ISPs) are the industry’s standard operating procedure for setting and reporting service standards for mining and other services.

ISPs provide companies with a set of rules and requirements for the conduct of their work.

They also set standards for the work that can be done on their premises and the type of equipment that can and cannot be used.

Industry codes set a number of common industry standards that apply to all industries and all employees.

This is known as a standard operating method (SOP).

The ISPs set the standards that they will follow and this ensures that all employees and contractors are treated fairly and are fully aware of the work they are performing.

ISP rules and standards can be found in many different industries and are set to provide a high standard of service for employees.

These codes are also the basis for setting minimum standards for employers in their supply chains.

ISPCs have a very wide range of standards and they cover a range of industries including mining, construction, mining engineering, manufacturing, retail and transport.

They are also used in other industries such as energy and telecommunications.

ISPS can have a range, including occupational health and safety standards, workplace safety, fire safety, and health and care standards.

Industry standards are usually set in a way that allows for a range to be identified and is not a one size fits all approach.

There are some ISPS that are very specific and do not cover the entire industry.

These are known as industry codes.

They may have a specific standard for a particular industry, such as the manufacturing industry or agriculture.

These industry codes are commonly known as occupational health & safety codes or ISPS.

Industrial service codes can also be set for services that are not considered directly related to mining and industrial processes, such in the case of manufacturing services.

These may be specific to particular industries, such a construction service.

They can be very complex and contain many sections and can take years to be completed.

Industry code standards are generally not enforced and are often ignored by industry groups.

These guidelines are also often ignored in other areas of the economy.

The most common ISPS are known colloquially as “business codes” or “code of practice”.

They provide guidance for businesses to follow when working with employees.

They provide guidelines for the way they treat their staff, including what to do with complaints and the right to refuse work.

The industry codes that are commonly used in mining and the other industries where there are industrial service standards are the ISO, ISO 13001, ISO 17001, and ISO 27001.

All of these codes are set by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

ISPS for service industries are commonly set in terms of industry, and the most common industry code is ISO 28001.

Industry-specific codes are often set in other terms, such the Industrial and Commercial Code (ICC) or the Australian Standard Industrial Code (ASIC).

Industry codes for transport and transport-related services are set in more specific terms such as ISO 15400, ISO 18001, or ISO 27004.

Industry services are also regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which regulates the communications sector.

This means that the ISPS, ICCs and ASICs must be consistent with the requirements set out in these codes.

For example, an ISPS must set out the minimum number of hours that must be spent on the work to be covered by the standard, and also set out minimum standards to be followed.

An ICC or ASIC might set out a set standard for the amount of work that must occur before a new standard is issued, while an ISP might set up a code for a specific time period.

Industry standard is defined as a set or standard that applies to a specific industry.

Industry and industry codes may also refer to a code of practice, such an ISPP or ICPSP.

Industry Code of Practice ISPP codes have a more general meaning than an ISPC.

They apply to the whole industry.

This could be for an industry as a whole, or for an individual service provider or business.

Industry Codes and Industry Standards ISPs are also called “code-of-practice” codes or code of practise guidelines.

These code-of‑practice codes are used to provide guidance to industry for the handling of complaints and complaints processes.

ISPPs may be set by an ISPU, or an ISPE.

ISPU codes are usually used by companies that are directly responsible for the supply chain and have a responsibility for the welfare of their employees.

The ISPU code is often published in a format that is more easily understood by employees, contractors, or anyone who needs to understand what is going on in the workplace.

An ISPU is used to set minimum standards and standards for employees and for workers to comply with.

Standards are established by the ISPU for the behaviour of employees and also for the health and well-being of employees.

ISPL codes are sets of standards for an

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