Australian transport firms bid for Australian Rail and Railtrack jobs

Australia’s major transport companies are bidding to hire staff for the rail and railtrack sectors.

Key points:Australian Rail and the Federal Government announced they are looking for up to 10,000 workers for the construction of the $1.2 billion Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) rail and railway projectSource: ABC News | Australian Rail NewsMore than 3,000 jobs at Australian Rail are at risk if the government decides to cut rail funding.

Key Points:The Government is considering cutting rail funding by $100 millionA contract for up 2,200 rail jobs is being awarded to Australian Rail (AAR)AAR has a contract to hire 2,000 people for the $2.1 billion project.

“Australian Rail is the most experienced rail construction company in Australia and will continue to deliver high quality jobs to the community,” Australian Rail chief executive Mark Evans said.

“We are delighted that we have been chosen to support the construction and operation of this project.

It will provide an exciting future for the community, and a major boost to the state’s economic development.”

The jobs would be created in three phases:A second phase will be developed by AAR to create 2,600 new jobs in the rail construction industry.

A third phase will bring in another 2,400 jobs.

All of the jobs would go to Australian workers.

The AAR’s contract to build the rail project has a total value of $2 billion.

The Government has announced it is considering slashing funding for the project by $400 million, and by $200 million for a third phase.

It will also cut funding to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), which manages the $3.5 billion project, by $300 million.”AAR will be delivering a rail project that will support jobs and investment in the region,” Mr Evans said in a statement.

“Its first phase will deliver more than 2,100 new jobs for Australians, which will further support our regional economy.”

Mr Evans said AAR would work with the Government and other contractors to deliver the rail projects work that was needed to meet the Government’s infrastructure priorities.

“The work being undertaken is to deliver this project to meet our state and federal infrastructure targets and deliver our national and international priorities,” he said.


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