How the NHS needs to modernise its workforce to stay relevant

The NHS is facing a “huge challenge” of recruitment and training for a new generation of healthcare workers and the sector needs to look at how it can recruit and train for the future, the chairman of the health service said.

In a speech to a group of senior leaders on Tuesday, Sir Mark Walport warned that the NHS was facing a huge challenge of recruitment, training and training of its workforce and the Government needed to make the right decisions.

He said the Government was facing an enormous challenge of managing and recruiting for an aging population and a new workforce.

Sir Mark, the NHS’s chief executive, said the workforce needed to be “stronger and better organised”.

He outlined five areas that the Government had to tackle in order to “keep our NHS in top shape for the long term”.

One of those areas was the need to find a way to “modernise and modernise our workforce”.

Sir Andrew asked senior executives to look into the “big picture”, not just “the small details”.

“We’re not a big business in the traditional sense,” he said.

He added that a key task for the Government to do was to “think about the way we deliver services in the future”. “

And the big question is what are the things that make us a successful, sustainable and successful service, for us to be successful in a world of ageing populations, of a world where people are retiring and going to other professions.”

He added that a key task for the Government to do was to “think about the way we deliver services in the future”.

The Government needs to consider the need for a more flexible workforce and he said the NHS needed to develop the right tools and strategies to make sure it had “the right people”.

A key issue that the Health Service should consider is how it is going to make up for the decline in recruitment and retention that it is seeing and how it addresses the need “to modernise and transform” the workforce, he said in the speech.

The health service is currently “in the midst of a big change”, Sir Andrew said.

He highlighted a number of areas where “we need to look to modernisation and transform our workforce to meet this challenge”.

For example, “there’s a lot of talk about how the health system needs to become more flexible, how we need to make more of a shift to a more professional, agile and flexible way of doing things”.

And “there is a growing concern about the ageing population.

There’s a growing expectation of an ageing workforce and a growing need for more training to ensure that we keep up with that,” he added.

So, there is a big challenge, a huge risk that we’re going to have a huge, huge challenge, he added, that the people of the NHS need to think about.

These are the challenges the NHS will face, he explained.

And we need, as the next generation of leaders, to be aware of the challenges we’re facing and to take that challenge seriously.

That means getting the right people in place to do the right things, he noted.

But “that’s not the only challenge we face”.

We need to have the right skills, the right attitude and the right mindset to meet that challenge, Sir Andrew told the group.

I’m not going to pretend that’s easy, he continued.

To address the challenges of an aging workforce, the Government needs “a workforce that is strong and well organised”. 

“We need a workforce that has the right values and values that we all share and that’s why I’m not saying it’s a simple question of people being old, it’s not.

It’s more complicated.

This is the challenge that we face.” “

It’s complicated for a large part because it takes time.

This is the challenge that we face.”

The NHS has been hit hard by the recession and the pressures of a growing population and he highlighted how “it is vital” that “the workforce is well organised” to cope with these pressures.

What we need is a workforce where people have the skills and the attitude that they need to meet these challenges, he suggested.

Health service needs to develop and implement a new recruitment and recruitment policy that is based on “what we know and the things we’re seeing now” and also “what people want”, he added in the address.

 Sir Andrew described the new policy as “a very, very complex, difficult and expensive process that requires years of consultation, testing and trial”.

That said, “it will be a very positive change to see that the workforce is more connected to its people”.

“We want to get a workforce well connected to our people,” he concluded.

Dr Sarah Denton, who is chair of the Health Care Skills Institute (HCSTI), said

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