“You’re Fired!” – Obama Says He Would Never Use Military Force in Syria

“If you want to go back in time and tell me, in your mind, what you would do differently, well, then you know what?

I’d do the same thing I always do, and I’d use military force.

I would not use military action. “

And the same goes for Iran.

I would not use military action.

And the same with Russia.

I mean, if they’re trying to destabilize our country, if we have that kind of influence on them, then we would have to use military strength.”

On the other hand, the president added that “the military has done the job before, and we’re going to continue to do it.”

He then went on to suggest that a military strike on Syria would only be used if there was “a clear threat of a direct military attack on our country.”

The president also suggested that the use of military force on Syria was necessary to defend the American people from a Russian invasion.

“If we want to defend our country and defend our way of life, then this is what we’re doing, and this is the kind of thing that we have done for a long time, and you know, if Russia does invade, we’re not going to stand for it.

We’re going not to take it, we will defend ourselves,” Obama said.

The White House is clearly trying to be tough on Russia with this strategy.

However, President Obama is using his “red line” on Syria in a way that is extremely unhelpful to the American public.

It is not the way the president wants to go about it.

This administration has repeatedly lied about the use and capabilities of the military.

Instead of taking a more realistic approach, the White House appears to be going after the military by trying to use the military to protect the American citizens.

Obama’s comments on Syria on Wednesday are yet another example of the administration trying to avoid responsibility for its policies and actions.

In other words, the American population is going to be blamed for the actions of a president who has not been able to govern himself, who has been unable to get any legislation passed, who is incapable of governing, and who is unable to lead the country.

As the president has stated, the United States has the ability to end the war in Syria.

What the American People Should Do:

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