Which tech companies are hiring the most?

Tech companies have long been considered a good place to land a job.

They’ve made it easy to work remotely and their employees are typically motivated by a passion for building software.

But as they’ve become more important to the way we work, hiring has become more difficult for some of them.

In an effort to increase their retention rates, companies have begun to lean more heavily on technology hires.

Now, there are some companies, like Netflix, that are hiring on a much larger scale than ever.

While Netflix recently announced it will hire 500 people at its headquarters in Los Angeles this year, it’s still in the early days.

The company has hired about 2,500 workers in the past year.

Its chief talent officer, Ted Sarandos, says the hiring pace is on par with the size of its U.S. footprint, with about 10,000 employees in the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Australia and Brazil.

Netflix has recently made it easier for workers to get work remotely, too.

Its recent hiring spree includes the hiring of 3,000 software engineers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Netflix says it has about 5,000 engineers in the United States, as well as around 10,00 in Canada.

“It is our goal to make hiring a seamless process for all our team members,” Sarandas said in a statement.

“We have been making progress in bringing our hiring team to more locations, and we look forward to hiring a lot more in the coming years.”

Netflix is not alone.

Amazon, Google and Facebook have been hiring more people, too, as companies have started to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

That has helped drive a huge surge in hiring across the board.

LinkedIn recently announced its hiring plans for 2017, with 3,500 people in a variety of roles.

Amazon said it has hired 8,000 people since hiring an additional 100 people last year.

Facebook says it’s hiring at least 100 people in 2017, up from about 30 in 2016.

And Netflix said it’s adding around 2,000 new employees, mostly from India and Asia.

Some tech giants have taken a more measured approach to the hiring boom, though, including Amazon.

Last year, the company hired an additional 2,200 people and hired 2,600 in 2017.

And LinkedIn is looking to hire 3,100 people this year.

Tech companies may be getting creative with their hiring strategies, but it’s clear they’re making some progress.

“There’s been a lot of excitement around technology hiring,” says Paul Giamatti, chief investment officer at Wedbush Securities.

“Companies are starting to look at it like a business opportunity.”

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