When the Palmetto Industrial Services Corporation closed in 2013, the city saw its first wave of layoffs.

A small, once-mighty, once booming industry that produced hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and apparel and supplied everything from diapers to clothes to medical equipment and more.

It was a big one for Palm Beach, which was struggling with a long-term food shortage and the closure of the world’s biggest medical facility.

Palm Beach’s only manufacturing plant, the West Palm Beach plant, shut down in March.

Its two other plants, both in the city’s west, also closed.

Now, the plant in Boca Raton is slated to be shuttered, too.

The closure has been a tough blow for Palm Beaches residents, who will soon be paying the price. 

“There were some positives to having the Palmatons, but now they are gone,” said Julie Miller, a worker at a plant in a nearby neighborhood.

“It is a very sad day for the entire community.” 

The Palmeton Industrial Services Corp., a company that employed more than 100,000 people, closed its doors in 2013.

The plant in West Palm Beachers, which once produced hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, was one of the most iconic in the industry. 

Palm Beach officials and city leaders are hopeful that the plant will reopen and bring jobs back to the city. 

In February, Palmeton Industries CEO John Lefebvre said the closure “was a painful experience for all of us.

It has left a significant amount of damage to the region and our surrounding communities. 

 We are working hard to repair the damage, and the city has been very supportive.” 

Palmer’s plant in downtown Boca, where the West Palm site is, will close as part of a $60 million rehabilitation project. 

The corporate office in Biscayne Park was recently sold to an investment group led by Guggenheim Partners.

The firm plans to use $80 million of the $120 million to renovate the site and renovate its parking garage. 

There are plans to open a food court in the space. 

More than 40% of Palm Beach is still without access to drinking water, the local government said in a statement, and a water shutoff is scheduled for next week. 

Local residents have been forced to find alternative sources of food, the city said, citing an estimated 1,500 families that rely on private wells and have had their water shut off. 

About 20% of the workers who are eligible for unemployment benefits are on unemployment insurance. 

A number of companies are also facing layoffs, including the South Florida Water Reclamation District, which said it will be shedding some 2,000 employees over the next three years. 

Some residents have complained that the water shut-offs have hurt the economy and have hurt their ability to get by, Boca Ratons governor Drew Campbell said. 

Camps statement added that he hopes the city will “be proactive” in helping to address the problem. 

Mortgage lenders, meanwhile, are scrambling to get out of the city because they can no longer afford to do business with the region. 

As the financial crisis intensified, many of the banks that used to provide loans to Palma have now cut their ties to the area. 

Citigroup said it plans to sell its 1.4 million square feet of condominiums in Bayside and the Palmdale area to a private investor for $5.7 million. 

JPMorgan Chase has sold 20,000 apartments in Palm Beach for about $9 million, and UBS has sold its 300-unit condos in Palmyers for $2.4 billion. 

Bank of America, US Bank and S&M have all cut ties with Palms financial district and closed its branch offices. 

And, according to a source, banks are also pulling out of the local housing market for a period of time. 

That could mean that there is less demand for mortgage loans in the area, which has led to the closure of many banks in the region as well as banks in other major metropolitan areas in the United States, including San Francisco, Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington, among others. 

At the same time, business in the Bocas market has continued to grow. 

Newer companies like Flexi and Hutchinson have begun to make money, and the resurgence of the Palmers industry has helped the region to become more livable. However,

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